Lightning Rock produced a product using Hololens which is exciting and innovative. Students looking at the product say that this "Makes learning fun" and makes it real. They are brilliant

Tony Cowlishaw
Head of Department Building and Construction Management

It has been a pleasure to work with Lighting Rock to develop a range of Virtual Reality learning experiences to support the Aviation Aerospace Fundamentals training course.

Linda Spurr
Project Founder Aviation/Aerospace Fundamentals
Aviation/Aerospace Australia

The simulation developed for us by Lightning Rock was to an amazing standard, and early data suggests significant potential for abstract, conceptual learning with VR

Dr John Debs
Research School of Physics and Engineering

Experts in Augmented and Virtual Realities

Lighting Rock has specialised in development of experiences for virtual and augmented realities. We have experience developing solutions for all major VR and AR hardware including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Quest families, Sony PSVR and Microsoft Hololens

Development of VR Educational and Training tools

At Lighting Rock we have extensive experience developing virtual reality educational and training tools, particularly in STEM areas. We have worked with major universities and industry groups to deliver high quality VR experiences which they have integrated into their curriculum and training course.

Virtual Reality Escape Room Licensing

Lighting Rock offers licencing of our VR escape rooms and associated management tools. This will allow new or existing escape rooms to add a new dimension to the experience they offer and includes tools for managing their VR PCs, software library and more.

Gaming and Gamification

We have experience in developing games across multiple platforms. We specialise in gamifying educational and training simulations and experiences to enhance immersion, retention and understanding of the users. We can find the right mix of fun, engagements and solid learning outcomes to suit your needs.

Experienced Development Team

Lighting Rock can utilise the experience of our development team to quickly and cost effectively develop solutions to meet your needs. Members of our software development team have decades of experience producing bespoke solutions in all sorts of environments.

Diverse Range of Experience

Our team formed back in 2013 with expertise ranging from construction engineering to aviation through to the community sector and education. Our team can utilise our experience and diverse backgrounds to build better solutions to your problems.

We Are Experts in Building Virtual Worlds

Inspired Environments

Our team can produce everything from photo-realistic simulations through to cartoon worlds.

Experienced Designers

Lightning Rock has been developing VR and mixed reality solutions for more than seven years.

Realistic Interactions

We have experience using off the shelf or custom designed peripherals to create immersive interaction systems.

Rapid Development

Our custom in-house VR development tools allow us to produce high quality solutions in very short timeframes.

Explore Our Amazing VR Escape Room Experiences

Players are transported to another dimension of space and time. Dive deep into unknown depths of our ocean, sky rocket into space or explore a sorcerer's laboratory and see if you can escape.

Our Virtual Reality Escape Room licensing will allow you to add a whole new dimension to your venue.

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Our Latest Projects

Explore our latest projects, we have produced educational VR solutions for industries including aviation, higher education, construction and medical.