VR Escape Room Licensing

License our experiences at your venue.

Cater to a Larger Audience

Our experiences are targeted to a broader demographic than traditional escape rooms, at our demo site we frequently get groups ranging in age from tweens to senior citizens. Many of our players have never tried an escape room before, while others are escape room aficionados who love our experience.

We Simplify Your Marketing

With every escape room we offer, we provide a full marketing pack. This includes posters and images for your website, marketing blurbs for your website and promotional videos to make it easier for you to market our escape rooms to your customers.

No Lock-ins or Exclusivity

Our escape room licencing comes with no lock-ins or exclusivity clauses. We are confident that once you try our experiences, they will be the ones you will be wanting to push to your customers. However if you want you are free to offer other VR escape room experiences at your venue.

Our VR Escape Rooms Offer You More

Multiple Room Sizes

Our VR escape rooms support multiple room sizes, making it easier to fit our experiences in your venue.

In Game Cameras

Your staff will be able to monitor the players through multiple in-game cameras, making it simple to provide assistance.

Hardware Monitoring

Our management software provides full hardware monitoring, making it simple to spot problems before they happen.

Variable Difficulty

We support multiple difficulty levels in all of our escape rooms, making them appeal to a larger audience.

Extensive Management Software


Monitor Your Equipment

Our management software will monitor both the hardware and software health of your VR PCs and will alert you of problems before they arise. We have a simple traffic light view that makes it easy for you to ensure all your equipment is working before your customers show up.

Deploy Software Easily

Software deployments and updates are made simple by our centralized management software. From a single web interface you can download updates for our software on all of your VR PCs, and deploy it to your entire fleet in just minutes.

Change Playareas and Settings

Management of SteamVR playareas and VR settings can be a lot of work. Our management software lets you save pre-configured playareas and deploy playareas and VR settings across all your VR PCs from a single web interface.

Simplify Your Troubleshooting

Our software stores months of historical data about your PCs and how they are performing. This data is graphed and can be compared over time to simplify troubleshooting and to make it very easy to determine what has changed and when it changed.

Explore Our Amazing VR Escape Room Experiences

Do you dare peek inside a dread sorcerer's laboratory? Are you brave enough to explore the frontiers of this galaxy in a pioneering space station? Our Virtual Reality rooms transport you to exotic destinations in seconds - can you escape?

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